QritiQ 009: Life after…

In this special episode (in English) our conversation is a review of Joseph Jaffes book Life After the 30 second spot. You can find out more about Joseph at www.getthejuice.com (his portal site), www.jaffejuice.com (blog, top 13 marketing according to Viral Garden’s analysis of Alexa rankings), www.lifeafter30.com (the booksite), and of course www.acrossthesound.net (his podcast).

What we do here is participating in what Joseph calls UNM2PNM (Use new marketing to prove new marketing). In this case he offered a free copy of his book to anyone who was willing to review it. An update of how that marketing task have worked out is available at http://www.jaffejuice.com/2006/03/unm2pnm_2006_up.html. We contacted Joseph late November last year and after careful reading, thoughtful reflections, and other preparations we recorded our review a week ago.

The episode ends with Moments from the Swedish band Newleaf. Beautiful  podsafe music available at music.podshow.com. Before the Moments we also plug more Swedish stuff, like the IcehotelAbsolut Vodka, Stockholm archipelago, and the Polarbearpodcast. Again thank you for listening to QritiQ. All feedback is much appreciated.

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