QritiQ 011: Networks of C’s

QritiQ’s second episode in English. Featuring our special guest Professor Evert Gummesson. We converse about the history and future of marketing, with respect to Philip Kotler’s recent birthday. Our starting point is Evert’s talk and slides when Northwestern University celebrated Kotler turning 75. The role and naming of market actors (e.g.. Consumers, Citizens, Customers) is another important issue. We also touch upon how to market scientific ideas, compare Is science Marketing? (Peter & Olson, 1983). But we start off with a quick note about Amy’s assercize in the Daily Source Code #453. We hinted Dawn at Chandra Bindu to plug her institute, and she in turn got her message in at 20 minutes into DSC #454.

[Update September 7: those of you interested in consumers vs customers vs citizens might want to listen into Across the sound. It´s host Joseph Jaffe is channeling a growing conversation about the subject in the perspective of content generation. Not in every episode, but for example in #49, #45, and many before those)].

Some time markers from todays episode:

  • 00:00 Welcome
  • 01:30 We introduce ourselfes
  • 03:00 The Chandra Bindu case
  • 05:15 The Conversation
  • 54:40 Outdozed (music from I Awake )

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